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"Additional Comments" (Secondary Application)

Updated: Jan 21, 2021

On supplementary applications, dental schools often provide space for you to "describe any additional information relevant to your application." You may be uncertain of what to include or how to begin drafting a response, as I was.

Although answering the prompt will most likely be "optional", I urge you to use this space to your advantage. In general, you do not want to simply restate a part of your AADSAS application. However, this space can be used to elaborate on topics you may have already touched upon. Remember to keep your response concise. Here are some suggestions (in no particular order) to help you brainstorm: 

1. Provide non-redundant information about why you received a poor grade(e.g. death in family, "dog ate homework", accident occurred...etc). Make sure to include what you learned and how you redeemed yourself. Did you retake the class or a similar class? What steps will you take in the future to avoid performing poorly?

2. Provide non-redundant information about any special circumstances you face (e.g. first-generation college student, immigrant, working full-time during school, homelessness...etc). Don't forget to shed light on how these experiences helped you grow into a better person.

3. Provide non-redundant information about any special awards you earned during university (e.g. Valedictorian, Outstanding Senior Award, research awards, community service awards...etc). How does the award reflect your personality? What values will you continue to carry as you matriculate into dental school?

For example, I'll share with you what I wrote on one of my secondary applications:

4. Provide non-redundant information about any special perspectives you have gained. Ideally, these insights should be consistent with the values you wrote about in your personal statement. For example, I'll share with you what I wrote on another one of my secondary applications:


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