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Taylor Cone

UOP Dugoni School of Dentistry Class of 2023

"Jenny improved my path by planning my entire track to dental school! I was so lost and had a much longer idea of how long it would take, but she motivated me and got me on track!"


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Roger Krupetsky

UCSF School of Dentistry Class of 2024

"Jenny was the pre-dental advisor at our undergraduate Health Profession Advising office. Throughout my time in undergrad, Jenny was my first and last stop for any resources or advice regarding classes, extracurricular opportunities, and general anxiety about the process of applying to dental school. Jenny served this role for many of our colleagues, and I'm not exaggerating when I say that she was the number one most referenced person on campus whenever someone had a question regarding pre-dental activities. For nearly any concern, she had an answer, and when she didn't she would know exactly who to direct you to. I'm sad to say that as appreciated as she was, I now realize that most pre-dental students don't have ready access to a resource such as herself, and would recommend referring to this blog as a timeless piece of advice"


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Ava Kung

UOP Dugoni School of Dentistry Class of 2023

"Jenny not only aided me in class scheduling and making sure I graduate in three years due to financial reasons, but also constantly motivated me whenever I felt defeated. Wilson, on the other hand, gave many insightful advice in regards to DAT, allowing me to strategically study for the test. Without the two of them, achieving my life long dream of becoming a dentist would have been very tough."

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Elizabeth Iliuta

UOP Dugoni School of Dentistry Class of 2021

I've had the privilege to work with Wilson through our Davis Pre-Dental Society as club leaders during undergrad at UC Davis. I knew very early on that Wilson was the type of person I wanted in my corner during my pre-dental journey. He supported me not only as a friend, but as a mentor, personal statement editor, and a fantastic Kaplan DAT instructor. With the help of his insight, I felt I could comfortably discuss my strengths, weaknesses, and areas of improvement of my application. His advice and wise perspective helped me understand how to present myself and feel confident with what I had to offer while applying to dental school. Jenny is a good friend of mine, and while I did not work with her as closely as a pre-dental student, I know she is also a knowledgeable, supportive, and hard-working person who will ensure that you are putting your best foot forward. I wholeheartedly recommend working with both Wilson and Jenny to guide you through your dental journey!



Vivian Le

MOSDOH Class of 2023

"I am so thankful that Ive had the opportunity to get advice from Jenny while applying for dental school! She not only provides wise perspective that comes from her experience with working as a pre-dental advisor but also has a heart of gold and would cheer you on throughout your entire journey. My first personal statement draft was terrible and she gave kind feedback that completely changed the trajectory of my essay into something that I am proud of to this day. While I did not get to work with Wilson in one-on-one advising appointments as I did with Jenny, I read many of his articles on the pre-dental process and I loved how not only did his articles offer sound advice but also completely understands how daunting the application process is and provides clear-cut advice for even the most confused applicant!"



Jai Ghotra

Roseman College of Dental Medicine

Class of 2024

"I first spoke to Jenny when I transferred and found out about the Health Professions Advising Center at UC Davis. Every time I came to her with questions I walked away better prepared. From DAT preparations, personal statement review, interview insight, and helping host the Discover Dentistry Symposium which was a very impressionable event, Jenny has provided me and many others with the proper tools to success. I highly recommend utilizing her blog as one of your resources in your pre-dental journey."

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Jaskaran Sahota

Midwestern University School of Dentistry

Class of 2023

"I had the honor of meeting Wilson through the Pre-Dental Society club at UC Davis. During the application process, I always referred back to Wilson’s blog. His website answered all the questions I had and helped me prepare my application before the cycle had opened. His template on LOR’s was really detailed and helpful in securing the LOR’S on time. He also gave useful advice on creating a theme in your personal statement. I cannot thank Wilson enough! I highly recommend utilizing their blog as your resource during the application process!"

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Omar Yaacoobi

ATSU-Arizona School of Dentistry and Oral Health Class of 2024

"Jenny helped me through every step of the way! I made the transition from pre-pharmacy to pre-dentistry in my 5th year at UC Davis. Whenever I felt lost I would turn to her for help and guidance. She provided volunteer opportunities and amazing advice on how to succeed on the DAT, especially while working full-time as a dental assistant. Jenny even helped calm me down when my anxiety would spike about the process. I think it is safe to say that without Jenny's guidance, I would not be in the position that I am today!"



Samantha Rustia

UCSF School of Dentistry Class of 2024

"I felt like I struck a pot of gold when I stumbled upon Wilson's and Jenny's blog while I was an undergrad at UCLA. If you want to be a highly competitive applicant for dental school, look no further - the Pre-Dental Guide is where you will find tips and advice to elevate your application into something greater than you expected. I am absolutely convinced that applying the knowledge that I've gained from this blog is what allowed me to receive eight interview offers and acceptances, multiple scholarship offers, and ultimately a coveted spot at my dream school. The journey doesn't end here, and I will continue to refer to this blog as I navigate through dental school."


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Nikko Carino

UOP Dugoni School of Dentistry Class of 2023

"Their blog tackles basically every part of the application process. They do so with a unique perspective by offering advice I had never seen on other online resources. Jenny was always quick to respond to my questions and seeing her social media posts motivated me to reach my own academic goals."

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Selena Yang

UCSF School of Dentistry Class of 2024

"I always referred back to Wilson’s blog throughout my journey of applying to dental school. The website provided me clear guidelines on how to prepare for various aspects of the application. For example, reading about his own experiences with the DAT allowed me to adjust my study strategies accordingly. Going to Jenny’s advising appointments also gave me lots of valuable insights. We would work on creating a personalized pre-dental timeline and outlined my goals each step of the way. Her mentorship has helped me to become a more confident applicant and overall student!"


Other Health Professions


Sonja Chesnutt

UCSF School of Dentistry Class of 2024

"Jenny advised me during my pre-dental journey at UC Davis on which classes to take, how to approach the DAT, and what to include/not include in my personal statement. Above all, though, she was extremely encouraging and approachable. Her honesty and transparency about the difficulties of applying to and starting dental school have been very helpful and I am thankful to have had all her mentorship and advice thus far."

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Anna Chung

UCLA School of Dentistry Class of 2025

"Wilson and Jenny were both incredibly helpful with my essay! I came to them thinking I was almost done but they advised me to change it completely. I questioned this at first but am incredibly grateful I followed their advice. I loved my new essay much more than my old one and believe it really strengthened my application. Both of them were really great with giving me constructive criticism and advice for my edits. They were also very supportive and encouraging!

My one piece of advice is: "Do things that scare you and take you outside your comfort zone. That's where I found I learned and grew most."


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Viet Nguyen

MWU-AZ School of Dentistry Class of 2025

"Jenny was a great mentor during the whole application process. She provided critical feedback that helped elevate my personal statement into a great one. Jenny also took time from her busy clinic schedule to do a mock interview with me and paid great attention to what I did well and what needed to be improved. Along with the tremendously helpful blog posts, I was able to be a successful applicant. I would highly recommend The Pre-Dental Guide to anyone planning to apply to dental schools or any other health professions."



Ivan Tse

UCLA School of Dentistry Class of 2025

"As a student who became interested in dentistry in the latter half of their college career, I felt so lucky when I discovered The Pre-Dental Guide. In hindsight, writing the personal statement was by far my biggest concern in my application. With that said, Wilson and Jenny were great at pulling out of me what I struggled to put into words. Their constructive feedback and wise insights allowed me to write a personal statement that presented my story in a concise and eloquent manner. What was initially the most daunting aspect of my application became the component I was most proud of! In preparation for interviews, Jenny and Wilson conducted a few mock interviews that helped identify some of my weaknesses I could improve on, which ultimately made me feel more confident walking into my actual interviews. I am truly grateful for their excellent mentorship and blog posts that exceeded my expectations. Reaching out to Wilson and Jenny through this blog was one of the best decisions I made during my pre-dental journey."


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Jordan Asnes

U. of Mich School of Dentistry Class of 2025

"While Wilson and Jenny helped me work on my dental school application, the biggest advice that I got was to be confident in the experiences I had, and showcase them to dental schools through my application writing. The choice of wording was particularly important in the application, and I think that is what made me stand out as an applicant."

"My biggest piece of advice when applying to dental school is to start early and do your research. Luckily my school had a pre health department and I had essentially completed my application in January, before AADSAS even opened up. By starting early, I allowed myself time to research the schools I could see myself going to, as well as provide myself with enough time to prepare for interviews knowing the schools I could potentially receive an invitation to."



Fareen Baloch

UOP Dugoni School of Dentistry Class of 2024

"Jenny was so great! She offered so much insight on my application and told me what I should focus on in order to be a successful applicant. Wilson provided me a mock interview, which helped immensely. Lastly, the blog posts regarding the personal statement were so helpful and clever!"

"One piece of advice I have is this: There are a few things that I think are incredibly important. Apply early and have all parts of your application glowing, not just one aspect! Schools look very holistically. Lastly, make connections. The UC Davis Pre-Health Conference is one of the best ways to talk to deans and admission committees. Dental schools get thousands of applications per year; you need to find ways to stand out so that they can put a name to your face!"



Sophia Hernandez

Columbia School of Dental Medicine 2025

"Wilson and Jenny's guidance helped me amplify the best elements of my application and my best qualities in my personal statement!"

"One piece of advice I have is you should really focus on making a strong narrative. Don't do random service projects and internships that make you look good. Get involved with a cause you care about, and pursue it in your extracurriculars and internship so that way you have a consistent theme. Then you can connect that theme to your impact in dentistry. Creating a cohesive app is really simple- just follow a cause you're passionate about, and it will shine through your in personal values and mission. Think about how your passion applies to dentistry (e.g. helping a special population)."


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Carlos Moya
Western University College of Dental Medicine Class of 2026

"Upon transferring to UC Davis from community college in 2016, I knew that I wanted to become a Dentist but I had no idea where to start. Luckily, the Health Professions Advising Center on campus offered pre-dental advising and this is where I had the privilege of working with Jenny. Since the very first time I met Jenny, she has always provided the best advice and support in any way she could for me to reach my career goal. While I was applying, Jenny never hesitated to take time out of her very busy schedule to sit down with me and work on every section of my application, from reviewing multiple personal statement drafts to meticulously perfecting secondaries. We spent countless hours working on my application and throughout the whole process, Jenny not only helped guide me in the right direction, but she also instilled in me the confidence to be a successful applicant. During the interview process, I religiously referred back to this blog for guidance on how to feel confident and prepared for the interview and application process, and I can say for certain that if it had not been for Jenny and Wilson’s amazing blog, I would have not been able to gain multiple interviews and acceptances. Jenny is not only the most amazing pre-health mentor, but she is one of my closest friends, and I can assure any pre-health student looking for help that Jenny will always be in your corner supporting you every step of the way!"



Isabelle Tseng
UCSF School of Dentistry Class of 2025

"Jenny and Wilson are amazing mentors whom I highly recommend to pre-dental students. They’re very experienced, professional, and genuinely care about us achieving our dreams. I’m so grateful to them as they’ve been instrumental in me getting my top choice schools’ acceptances. They’re the best!

In the middle of dental interview seasons, I realized my interviewing skills weren’t as strong as I imagined. Waitlisted to a few schools, I wanted to understand if there were aspects in my speech I could improve on. Despite their busy schedules and influx of pre-dental students practicing for interviews at the time, Jenny and Wilson kindly made the time to meet with me one-on-one for mock interviews. Their feedback was of tremendous help as they sparked me to realize weaknesses in my answers or body language. The answers I gave during my later interviews were completely different, but had a high success rate. I was able to better display my personality and match to schools after integrating all the advice they gave me.

For the past few years, I’ve been an avid reader of their predental guide’s blog content. What I appreciated most was how detailed Jenny and Wilson were when they gave pre-dental advice. For instance, rather than saying “ask unique questions to your interviewers”, they shared the specific questions they asked during their interviews instead so students have a better idea of how they can prepare."

"One piece of advice I have is this: Be proactive! This goes to say for anything in life, but it’s important to take advantage of the resources that are available. Reach out to current dental students and attend pre-dental events hosted by the schools. Even if you’re not local to the dental school, you can connect with them through admissions webinars or the ADEA GoDental Fair!


Don’t be afraid of constructive criticism! When applying to dental schools, you want to be the best applicant you can be and to do so would mean getting as much feedback from others. You’ll get a lot of feedback regarding your personal statement or interview answers. Listen to them whole-heartedly cause they will only make you a stronger applicant! In addition, dental students are one of the best people to reach out to when it comes to this as they’ve gone through a similar journey. Let people know you would like their input and they’d be happy to help!"



Erika Parra
UCSF International Dentist Pathway Class of 2025 

"Jenny was great, I had two very productive sessions in which she advised me and helped me to have more security and confidence at the time of the interview.  She focuses on your strengths and helps you know how to express them clearly and effectively."

"My one piece of advice: For someone who is applying to the idp program, I want to tell you that you have all the capabilities to achieve it.  It is not an easy path but with effort and perseverance you will achieve it.  The most important thing is to trust yourself and don't give up."


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William Poon

Temple University Kornberg School of Dentistry Class of 2025

"Jenny and Wilson's mentorship provided me the vital help I needed to polish my application and become a successful applicant.  They helped me by providing constant feedback in my personal statement and answers in the mock interview. Initially, I struggled writing my personal statement because I had trouble conveying my ideas into words.  With their help, I was able to bring out my ideas into an unique personal statement in a concise and compelling manner. They also took time during their busy schedule to help improve my answers and etiquette during the mock interview. As a result, I walked out of my interview confidently. I am truly grateful for their help and would not be able to get to where I am without them."

"My few pieces of advice is to: Be Organized, work on your application ahead of time and APPLY EARLY! Keep a spreadsheet of thing you need to complete with their due dates. Being organized and working on your application early allows you to have time to perfect your application. This will allow you to submit your application early during the application cycle which increases your chance of an interview."



Pragati Nahar
UCSF International Dentist Pathway Class of 2025 

"I was a lilttle skeptical in taking professional help thinking my application would not be authentic or unique to me. The most important thing about Jenny & Wilson was they kept my statement of purpose & my story as authentic as possible. Helped me to write things in much concise manner with a proper flow. I believe there understanding of the whole process is commendable. They understood the process well, were very professional & kind to me."

"My one piece of advice: Be your true self & be in the profession for all the right reasons to help your patients."


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Karansinh Solanki
UIC College of Dentistry DMD Class of 2025

"Jenny offered me advice on how to strategize asking for letters of recommendation in ways that highlighted my strengths from the perspective of a mentoring dentist. She also helped me identify key aspects of my application to share with my letter writer to be a stand out applicant."


"My one piece of advice is this: dedication is the key, Do not loose the hope,Sometimes you have to wait for a while to achieve what are for aiming since long. Additionally it is also beneficial to get professional help from poeple like jenny instead of losing your whole year."


Screen Shot 2023-05-17 at 2.56_edited.png

Kristen Nguyen

ATSU - Missouri School of Dentistry and Oral Health Class of 2027

"Wilson took the time to help turn my personal statement into ultimately a unique story of why I wanted to pursue a career in dentistry. Through several advising sessions, Wilson not only provided constructive criticism and helpful edits, but was able to get a sense of who I was and help throughly present myself in the essay. Although I had different extracurricular activities to showcase on my application, I believe my personal statement helped enhance my application."

"One piece of advice I have is this: Everything happens for a reason. There will be times you want to give up but when you are passionate about something you will keep working hard until you achieve your goals."


D0A3CB14-7FD4-4ECF-91BF-73BF37F1906B - Dat Dao_edited.png

Dat Dao
LECOM School of Dentistry Class of 2027

"Jenny really gave me the confidence I need to prepare for my interview. It’s just not she will help you formulate your answer but she will help learn how to say the right things when it comes to your interview process. At first I thought I was confident in my speaking ability but I realized that the interview process is a whole different process. Jenny gave me some tips and tricks on how to talk during my interview process that I really believed help me gain admission for dental school. Every school has their own interview process but Jenny will do everything she can to help you ace it. If you have the resources to do a mock interview with Jenny, then do it because it was so worth it."

"Don’t compare yourself to others and just focus on yourself. The best thing is take a step back and make a list of what needs to be done to make yourself the best candidate."


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Pezhman Ahmadi - Pezhman Ahmadi.jpg

Pezhman Ahmadi
NYU AEGD PROGRAM Class of 2025 

"Jenny and Wilson provided invaluable assistance in composing my resume and personal statement. Throughout our consultations, they could identify the strengths within my application and highlighted my qualifications perfectly. Additionally, they engaged in constructive dialogue regarding the vulnerabilities within my application, offering guidance on the optimal approach to redress those areas."

"Seeking help from professional people through this challenging journey can be truly beneficial and can increase your chances of success significantly."


IMG_5724 - Kimia Tashakor_edited.png

Kimia Tashakor
UCSF School of Dentistry Class of 2027

"Wilson and Jenny exceeded my expectations every time I consulted them. I appreciated their honest feedback and constant encouragement. I felt comfortable discussing any concerns and doubts with them and always held their opinion in high regard. It is evident they are incredibly dedicated to their students despite their busy schedules. I am so grateful that I reached out to Wilson and Jenny and have truly grown, as an applicant and as an individual, from their mentorship."

"One piece of advice I have for pre-dental students is to form connections with your pre-dental peers as well as current dental students, alumni, and practicing dentists. Having a network will help immensely when you are going through the application cycle, have questions, or just need support from someone who is in the same field!"


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Danielle Moreira Cardoso
Western University of Health Sciences Class of 2026 

"After going through two dental school application cycles unsuccessfully, I was introduced to Jenny. She helped me to refine my writing, make a detailed plan, and practice for interviews. Wilson and I did a mock interview, where he gave me practical tips to feel more calm and confident. I couldn't have asked for a better mentorship! Being accepted into the IDP was one of the best feelings ever."

"My one piece of advice: Work hard, look for mentorship, and never give up!"


Other Health Professions


Grace Manchala

Keck School of Medicine of USC

Class of 2023

"Jenny's advice and this blog content really helped me get through my undergrad years and immensely helped during the application process. From helping me write a personal statement that I could actually be proud of to writing passionate secondary statements, I can truly say that I've achieved my professional goals thus far. I've always had a hard time writing about myself in a way that could showcase all the unique aspects about me that I wanted others to see, and advising appointments with Jenny really helped me with that! Additionally, much of the blog content helped me navigate my gap year. That was the year I finally had tie to unwind, spend time with my family, attempt to learn a new language (I didn't get very far), and travel to places I never thought I could visit. I learned more about myself during that year than ever before which has really helped me navigate my first year of medical school."



Dale Bongbong

UCSD School of Medicine Class of 2023

"There were many aspects of Jenny's advice that were immensely helpful when I was applying to medical school. She has excellent writing skills and they translated to helping me write my personal statement. She not only aided me in writing more eloquently, but also helped me think through the stories that I wanted to convey through my applications. Moreover, Jenny went out of her way to offer me a mock interview after she had been admitted to multiple highly-ranked dental schools herself. She offered constructive advice in a way that was comfortable and encouraging."



Anthony Diomino

UCSD School of Medicine Class of 2023

"Jenny was an incredible help to me when I was revising my personal statement and my AMCAS activities section! She gave useful advice on how to cut down extraneous details in my writing and advice on how to write my personal statement to best reflect my personality."

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Jasmine Thind

UOP Thomas J. Long School of Pharmacy

Class of 2022

"Jenny has been a very supportive friend of mine for a long time. She is someone who continuously encourages others to achieve more and pursue greater opportunities that will broaden their perspective of the world. Her constant positive attitude also contributes to how much she can help others. This is exactly what she did for me on my journey towards pharmacy school. She encouraged me to be more confident in my abilities and the knowledge that I possess, in turn making me reach out and achieve more opportunities that I would have possibly ignored. Her advice and support has allowed me to set bigger goals for myself and further my education in pharmacy school."


Jose Sienes

Western University School of Veterinary Medicine Class of 2024

"As a transfer student from a junior college Jenny and Wilson helped me to get off the wait list for UC Davis by providing constructive feedback for my letter of intent. Their input helped me convey to the admissions panel why attending UC Davis was so important to me for providing amazing educational opportunities in biology so close to home, as well as why I'd make an amazing addition to the incoming class of students. Since graduating from Davis, I've really appreciated their help in providing further feedback for my personal statement as I was applying for veterinary school. Their honest and insightful critiques helped me tell my unique story of exploring the veterinary profession. With their help, I was able to convey to different admission panels my understanding of the field, my preparation for the challenges ahead, and my professional goals."


Vince Nguyen

MBKU School of PA Studies - Class of 2021

"Jenny helped me tremendously when applying to PA schools in 2018! Even though we were applying to different health professional programs, her wisdom in navigating letters of rec, secondary apps, and interview logistics helped me get into all of my top choice programs! Thank you for all of your advice and friendship over the years Jenny!"




Colin Wang

David Geffen School of Medicine at UCLA Class of 2024

"Throughout the past few years, Jenny's guidance has provided me structure for the entire application process. But what I think is one of her greatests strengths is teaching you how to turn your experiences into palpable stories that illustrate your growth as not only a professional, but as a human being. She guided me through the thought process of admission committees when analyzing my personal statement, activities, and secondaries. Jenny also helped me navigate my interviews for medical schools - preparing me for both the traditional and MMI setting. Additionally, during times where I had lost faith, Jenny taught me how and when to send update letters and ultimately, my letter of intent. I attribute a lot of my success to Jenny and I can't express my appreciation enough for her and her mentorship."



Yasmeen Afridi

Touro University, School of Osteopathic Medicine Class of 2023

"Jenny was there for me throughout my whole application process. Her advice on crafting a well-rounded application and obtaining letters of reccomendation were incredibly helpful and a big part of my success in obtaining admission! In addition to application help, Jenny is also a great listener and has an amazing ability to provide emotional support throughout the process.



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