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Wilson's Template: Document with the LOR's Due Date and Instructions for Your Professor

Updated: Jan 21, 2021

"Dear Dr. X:

I sincerely appreciate your offer in writing a letter of recommendation for me. When the Associated American Dental Schools Application Service (AADSAS) application opens up electronically on Monday, June 1st, I will enter your information into the system and you should get an email to submit the LOR.

You can select to submit the LOR in one of two ways:

1) as an online electronic document

2) as a paper letter that is mailed to ADEA AADSAS:

ADEA AADSAS Letters of Evaluation P.O. Box 9110 Watertown, MA 02471 

* Option number one may help prevent delays in my application. If you choose to submit the LOR as a paper letter, I can provide a stamped and addressed envelope for your convenience.

** On the AADSAS application, I will select to waive my right to read the LOR that you write.


· use an official UC Davis letter head

· sign and date the LOR

· include your complete name and title in your signature


 I) Purpose: A positive statement of support from Dr. X that will persuade admission committees to accept Wilson Ng into their dental schools. II) Classes I took with you and the grade I earned:

  • ABC 105: A

  • ABC 105L: A+


III) Why I carefully selected you to recommend me:

  • I greatly enjoyed ABC 105 and ABC 105L because the content was up-to-date, well-organized yet flexible, and focused on critical-thinking and problem solving.

  • It is clear that you are devoted to nurturing minds through hours of upholding office hours, redesigning the course, and preparing lab materials to enhance our education.

  • I trust you to promote my academic competencies and aptitude as well as personality characteristics (e.g. motivation, communication, and diligence) that will contribute to my potential to succeed in dental school.


IV) Final notes:

  • I will contact you some time during the week of Tuesday, May 26th, as a friendly reminder that I will submit your information into the AADSAS system soon.

  • Attached are other documents that provide other information about me. If you ever need additional copies or have any questions, please contact me at or (415) 123-4567. I am so grateful to you for doing me this favor."


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