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'20-'21 AADSAS Application Updates + 1 Sneak Peak into This Coming Cycle

Updated: Jan 21, 2021

IT'S A BIG WEEK! May 12th was the official soft opening of the centralized ADEA AADSAS application and just like the rest of 2020, there are some unprecedented changes. The beginning of this post will highlight those changes and we then we will dive into how YOU as an applicant can utilize those changes to be a stellar applicant. ++ HOT TEA ALERT: Stay tuned until the end to find the most recent news of the upcoming interview cycle.

1. The first day to submit your application (personal statement, DAT scores, transcripts, letter of recommendation, and secondaries included) has now been moved to June 16th, 2020. Compared to historical years, this grants you a two-week extension to put your best foot forward in preparation.


2. The fee assistance program is now paperless and on a first come first serve basis! That means applying has never been easier. If you qualify as a need-based individual, please utilize this as it will cover your first three dental schools ($259 for the first school, $112 for every following school). This should be one of the first things you do as you begin to apply because finances dictate how wide you can cast your net in applying to schools.


3. The OPEN-ENDED COVID 19 free-response section where you can share how this global pandemic has affected you personally, professionally, academically. All schools will read this and take these responses into account when reviewing your application.

In the chart (pictured right), are considerations to explore how the COVID-19 global pandemic has affected your ability to pursue your education and dentistry. Taking all of these new updates into consideration, please refer to our post on how to be a standout applicant during COVID-19 to put your best foot forward given limited ability to shadow, gain insight on dentistry, learn in a school setting, and be involved in extracurriculars. Consider this portion of the application to be a catered disadvantaged statement specific to life adjustments due to COVID-19. While it's a great opportunity to describe changes you have experienced, be careful to not be repetitive between your personal statement, COVID statement, secondaries, and disadvantaged statement (if applicable to you). Each sentence you share of yourself should hold meaning and provide insight into who you are as a person. Carefully assess which portion of your application would best fit in. If you would like help to organize your application to best display you- subcribe, contact us, and Wilson, and I will connect with you.

4. *Finally, here is the tea that you have been sipping for. UCSF School of Dentistry had a COVID-19 virtual town hall on May 14th, 2020 where it was announced that UCSF DDS and post-graduate residency application interviews will now be virtual (other DDS programs TBD for interview format).

There are pros and cons to this. One positive part of this update is that applying to dental school, in theory, has never been more affordable. If you are hesitant to apply to dental school this year, finances are certainly one factor to consider. Through this mode of interviewing, you can potentially save thousands of dollars on flights, hotels and lodging, and dry cleaning your interview outfit. The con, however, would be the challenge in interacting with a faculty and dental student through a zoom meeting. It is now crucial to master your interview technique (Refer to our interview related posts: on a long term approach to mastering your interview and Dental School Interview 101: Prior Preparations).


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hello, thank you very much for this information. For the COVID-19 response section is there a length / format we should follow? If we were impacted more than one way for example- academically (choosing the pass/fail option for some of our courses) but also lets say got involved in volunteering opportunities related to COVID-19. How do we connect them? Can you elaborate on how we can make this section strong.

Thank you

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