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Zero Debt Accrued for Dental School?

Updated: Jan 21, 2021

It's no secret that attending dental school nowadays is an expensive process. From

spending thousands of dollars in application fees as pre-dental students to then borrowing

hundreds of thousands of dollars in dental school, it has never been more important for

prospective dental students to be financially prepared.

While there are several different ways to minimize debt, there is a tried-and-true route (zero debt + stipend) for those who are open to serving not only patients, but also our country.

Given all of the above, we are excited to share our first electronic publication with you- Everything You Need to Know About HPSP Scholarships.

In this free 37-page e-book, you will find a comprehensive guide with thoughtfully crafted excerpts and advice from successful recipients of the HPSP scholarship in the Air Force (Wilson Ng), Navy (Jenny Giao) and Army (Taylor Cone) INCLUDING:

1. Step-wise application process of each military branch & comparison of the three

2. Three individual experiences & motivations for joining the military through dentistry (debunking common myths)

3. Our very own personal statements

4. Our letters of recommendations used

To obtain a FREE PDF of this book, simply connect with us via Instagram:

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3️⃣ We will DM you this book within 24 hours


If you want personalized guidance in any part of your application (e.g. personal statement, COVID free response, building a school list), please check the "Get Our Help" page.

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